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Sunroom Additions: Debunking the Myths of Four Season and Three Season Sunrooms For Madison, Wisconsin

ClearView Sunrooms and Windows builds sunroom additions using new designs, technology and materials to create valuable living space and unique family areas in homes through Madison and Wisconsin.

Advances in sunroom design technology creates a four season sunroom uniquely suited for Wisconsin weather and your family’s needs. Just a few of sunroom improvements include:

  • Insulated Floors
  • Foundations are more stable (including platform floors, footed slabs, crawl spaces, basements)
  • Walls with Energy Star ™ Windows, thermal separations and insulated extrusions
  • Fit and finish are exceptional because rooms are built on-site by trim carpenters
  • Sliding pop-out windows are easy to clean and can be quickly removed for maximum ventilation due to a full screen
  • Windows have a picture framed look (brick molded like traditional building) that can match replacement windows in the rest of the home
  • Shingled roof to match existing roof whether it is an A-frame/gable or a slanted/studio roof
  • Roofs are insulated (R-13, R-26, R-40) as compared to glass roofs rated at R-4
  • The amount of glass, much more than used in traditional building methods, eliminates the “closed in feel”
  • Heating for All-Season sunrooms can be done many ways including a PTAC unit (heat/cool/heat pump), heated fans, a direct or zone heated furnace, a fireplace or stove (wood/electric/pellet/corn/gas)
  • Passive solar gain can be significant if your All-Season room faces south or west
  • All windows use tempered glass for safety

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“We are definitely in a different era when it comes to sunrooms,” says Ben Kripps, President of ClearView Sunrooms & Windows. “They are better looking, better performing and much more energy efficient than in the past.”

Stuck in the Past

Some people think of the products of thirty years ago when they consider a sunroom addition to their homes,” says Kripps. “They are usually very pleasantly surprised when they learn the single pane glass, aluminum; metallic-looking, non-insulated glass-roofed structures are now just a bad memory.”




Sunroom Basics: Must Have Features in a Madison Wisconsin Sunroom

Four season sunrooms can change the feel, square footage and the use of your home almost overnight. So you can enjoy your Sunroom in Madison Wisconsin to the fullest, your sunroom must be built to withstand the elements; freezing cold in winter and hot, humid summers.

This article reviews the basics you must consider to help ensure your four season sunroom has all of the qualities it needs to deliver year round enjoyment.

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A common question asked is, “Can we build on our deck or concrete slab/patio?” Unfortunately, the answer is usually no. While there are instances where the existing structure allows this to occur, it is rare. The Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC) applies to the entire state of Wisconsin and local building inspectors adhere to the code. If you have someone who says you can build on a deck or patio, it is a good idea to get an additional opinion. Some of the basics you need to consider when building your sunroom: